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VEAC Report Information and Governments Response

Ian Fletcher | Published on 6/29/2021

FWDV Response To VEAC Report

Four Wheel Drive Victoria was invited by VEAC (Victorian Environmental Assessment Council) to be part of the Stakeholder Group for the Central West Investigation and we were very happy to be part of it. Note; It is not the first time our Association has been invited by VEAC to the consultation processes.

We took a very respectful but solid approach to our stance on not losing the right to drive and travel the tracks in each of the areas being investigated.

We asked our members for submissions from the respective clubs and some chose to send them to us directly whilst others chose to send them directly to VEAC as was their right.

We constructed our submission based on what was presented to us recognizing we would not please all points of view while trying to cover what was considered the most tangible attitudes.

While many of the public meetings were being conducted in the regional areas around the Western side of town, we were able to convene another meeting in Collingwood to satisfy the request of the city-based clubs who voiced the need for such a meeting to be held.
 The attendance on the night was a poor one to say the least, possibly 15 from our Clubs people all up.

 Apart from looking to make sure we didn’t lose any track driving ability, we also were very concerned about the lack of staff and resources available from Parks Victoria to look after the planned expansion in their landscape.

 The final draft was published to go before the Minister and thankfully we saw there was no reduction in the amount of tracks available to us four wheel drivers to travel along, contrary to opinions of ill-informed detractors.
 The executive summary details the breakdown of those activities and available areas in great detail, ticks showing exactly what is allowed to occur in each region. We posted the media release and a link to the executive summary report for all to see.”

Further Information

The below link takes you directly to the ‘Recreational Activities’ fact sheet which confirms that you’ll be able to continue enjoying four-wheel driving on all public formed roads and tracks:

Recreational Activities of the Central West

If you go onto the website, we’ve included a table that confirms that you can 4WD across all different types of public land in the Central West investigation area:

Government Response to VEAC Report