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Members Update 4th September 2021

Peter J Fleming | Published on 9/19/2021

4th September, 2021
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Members Update

Members Update

Hi Everyone,

I hope that you are all doing well during this latest lock down and like me are looking forward to when we can restart our club activities. This is a quick update to advise the results of our AGM earlier this week. The new Committee members are as follows:

President: Peter Fleming

Vice President: Justin Hurley

Secretary: Leanne Roach

Treasurer: Chris Stevens

Operations & Safety Officer: Ian Fletcher

Membership Officer: Cindy Hayse

Community Engagement: Rob Sharp

Assoc Representatives: Kieran Lomas & Ian Fletcher

Events Officer: Denise Tunny

Public Relations & Sponsors: Douglas Tozer

Driver Training: Andrew Theodoropolous

Communications Officer & Webmaster: Kieran Lomas

Club Permit Scheme Manager: Vacant

MJOC Shop Manager: Leanne Hurley

Sergeant at Arms: Glenn Hayes & David Jansz

Meeting Manager: Frank De Angelis

Property Co-ordinator: Vacant

I would like to offer a warm welcome to those joining the Committee and welcome back those members who are continuing.And of course a special thanks to those members who are stepping down from the Committee this year.It is because of these volunteers that our club continues to thrive.

The outgoing committee members are currently working through the necessary handover tasks with the new committee members. This is an activity made more difficult due to Covid restrictions.During the coming week email addresses and system access will be updated.If during this period you are having difficulty communicating with us please feel free to call me.

The new Committee is scheduled to meet, via zoom, for the first time on Monday 13th September. One of the key agenda items is to map out what we want to achieve over the coming year.If there are any things which you would like us to add please touch base with any of the committee members and let us know.Following the meeting I will send out an update.Top of our agenda is to be ready with plenty of great trips and events once lockdown is finished.

See you out on the trails soon.

Peter Fleming

Trips and Training Update

As you are aware we have all our activities on hold due to COVID19 restrictions.
As soon as we are able to venture out of lockdown we will have trips and training re-scheduled.
So watch out for new and re-scheduled events being posted as soon as we are able to get moving again.
We are all hoping this is very soon.

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