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Members Update 18th September 2021

Peter J Fleming | Published on 9/19/2021

18th September, 2021
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Members Update

Members Update

Hi Everyone,
Since the last update on 14th September Chris Stevens has volunteered to be the Property Coordinator, as well as Treasurer, and Stephen Lomas has volunteered to manage the Club Permit Scheme. Ian Fletcher is documenting the process for the Permit Scheme and will handover to Stephen in the next couple of months. This means that all positions on the Committee are now filled. Thank you to everyone who has volunteered for these roles.

You may have noticed that Ian has sent out a questionnaire to all members. If you haven't already responded would you please take the time to provide your feedback. This will be a key driver for the activities which Operations and our Trip Leaders arrange as we come out of lock down. You can find the questionnaire in the drop down box under the members section of our club express web site.

The Committee met on Monday 13th September and discussed a lot of great activities and initiatives for inclusion in our post lock down calendar. These include:
  • Continuing to hold club favorites such as the Christmas party, Beachport, the Jamboree etc;

  • The addition of weekday trips as well as weekend;

  • Rescheduling of the Simpson Desert trip;

  • A West Coast of Tasmania trip;

  • Treasure Hunts;

  • Adding DIY training sessions to our training calendar;

  • Reactivating our community engagement activities as soon as we can get out of lock down.
Our Trip Leaders are ready to commence posting events as soon as we have certainty as to when the lock down restrictions will end. We will ensure that we comply with all instructions from the Chief Health Officer. This may mean that to participate in some of the club events members will need to be fully vaxed. Specific requirements will be reflected in the trip details.

Doug has hit the ground running in the PR role. He is looking at ways to enhance the value to/from our Sponsors. The addition of great guest speakers at our members meetings. Some great raffle ideas and much more. Watch this space!

One thing that is clear, even when Covid restrictions are significantly relaxed, we will continue to run hybrid meetings. Where some people attend in person and others via Zoom. Kieran and Justin are reviewing the equipment that we require to provide a good user experience for those attending online. In addition they are exploring the possibility of running our member meetings from multiple meeting rooms simultaneously. For example we will continue to hold the monthly meetings in the Electra Avenue Hall whilst at the same time having a group of members gathered together in a hall at Romsey and potentially other locations. We will provide more details on this later.

The next members meeting will be at 7:30pm on Tuesday 28th September. This will be held via Zoom. An invitation will be sent out closer to the event. Unfortunately, we have been unable to run any trips since our last meeting, however, if you have photos or a video of a previous club trip which you would like to share please send me a copy. I will include these in the agenda.

I hope to see you out on the trails soon.

Peter Fleming

Trips and Training Update

As you are aware we have all our activities on hold due to COVID19 restrictions.
As soon as we are able to venture out of lockdown we will have trips and training re-scheduled.
So watch out for new and re-scheduled events being posted as soon as we are able to get moving again.
We are all hoping this is very soon.

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