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MJOC News 17th Oct 2021

Peter J Fleming | Published on 10/22/2021

17th October, 2021
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Members Update

Hi Everyone,
As per the announcements today from the State Government there will be significant easing of COVID restrictions next Thursday 21st October, 2021. This is great news and a key step towards being able to run trips, training and events. At this stage it looks like the end October is when we will be able to get out on the tracks again. We are awaiting further announcements from the Government and clarification around vaccination status requirements before we post any trips. As soon as the Government makes these announcements your Committee will meet to agree the next steps and update our processes. We will then send you an email and an update to the web site. So please keep a close eye on our web site for further details.
Listed below are some other important, non Covid related, points to note:
  • FWDV E-News - Four Wheel Drive Victoria have issued their October E-News letter. A link to this is available on the Home page of our website;

  • MJOC Members Survey - As presented at the September Members meeting we are receiving some very interesting feedback from the MJOC Members Survey. If you haven't already provided your input the survey is open until the 27th October, please let us know your views;

  • Photography Training Trip Survey - In the Members survey many of you indicated an interest in the club running a photography training trip. Justin Hurley is progressed this and has sent out a survey for those interested in participating. Although, the survey was only issued a few days ago there has been a great response. If you are interested and haven't responded please do so ASAP as Justin is keen to get a trip organised. He will also present the results at our next Members meeting on Tuesday 26th October;

  • Training Team - Due to Covid restrictions we have been unable to run regular training sessions over the past 18 months. This has resulted in a backlog of training demand. In addition to our normal courses, such as basic, advanced and trip leader training, you have also told us that you would like specific training courses in winching, vehicle repairs and maintenance etc. Our training team is eager to provide you with all of this and more, however, we could do so some additional assistance. If you would like to join our training team please contact Andrew Theodoropoulos his email address is

  • Membership Card and Mobile App - One of the reasons that we implemented the Club Express system a few months ago was for the additional functionality which it provides for our members and sponsors. At the Committee meeting last week it was agreed that we would now progress with the implementation of the mobile app option and the membership card. We are in the process of investigating our options and will provide you with a full update once the details are available;

  • New equipment for member meetings - We hope that we will soon be able to run members meetings in person at the hall in Electra Avenue. However, we also believe that from now on we should ensure that these meetings are available for members to join remotely via Zoom. Based on the feedback which we received following the last AGM it is evident that for those dialing in it was difficult to follow the proceedings. Specifically the audio quality was poor and it was difficult for people to see the proceedings. As a result Justin and Kieran are in the processes of purchasing a camera and microphone to help address these issues. I expect that it will take a little time to get things right so your feedback through this process will be essential;

  • Narbeview Wildlife Shelter - You may have seen the Facebook posts from Rob and others a week ago about the work which MJOC members did at the Narbeview Wildlife Shelter in Buxton. In summary our members built two new shelters, assisted with a general cleanup of some of the enclosures, installed a pre-wash system for the young wombats bedding, helped at feeding time etc etc. As many of you are aware the work that Shelley and Rod do at Narbeview is voluntary, never ending and awe inspiring. They receive no support from the Government and so the assistance which our club provides is invaluable. A big thank you to everyone for your help it was an amazing effort and one we should all be proud of.
The next members meeting will be at 7:30pm on Tuesday 26th October. This will be held via Zoom. An invitation will be sent out closer to the event. The meeting theme will be Covid projects. If you have been taking the opportunity to modify your vehicle or if you have been working on any other project which you would like to share please send us the details.
I hope to see you out on the trails soon.
Peter Fleming

Trips and Training Update

As you are aware we have all our activities on hold due to COVID19 restrictions.
As soon as we are able to venture out of lockdown we will have trips and training re-scheduled.
So watch out for new and re-scheduled events being posted as soon as we are able to get moving again.
We are all hoping this is very soon.

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