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ARMA Fleet Discounts

Ian Fletcher | Published on 10/27/2021

ARMA values its thousands of members across Australia, and have partnered with numerous vehicle manufacturers, in order to provide members access to our National Fleet Discount program.
The National Fleet Discount which have been negotiated for ARMA members, is an additional discount provided by the manufacturer / importer and comes out of the profit margin of the manufacturer, not solely from the dealership.
Members inquiring or ordering a vehicle at a dealership, should always request to deal with the fleet sales representative not the retail sales representative. National Fleet Discounts are only available to ARMA group members where a National Fleet Discount has been negotiated and registered with the vehicle manufacturer / importer, with most discounts ranging between 5% – 15% per vehicle. This is a significant commitment by vehicle manufacturers supporting our motoring community.
For full details visit ARMA Fleet HERE