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Classified Ads Module Now Active

Ian Fletcher | Published on 4/4/2022

Classified Ads Module Now Active

We have now activated a new Classified Ads Module to enable members to advertise anything that could be of interest to other members. So you can now advertise those old Jeep Parts, Camping Gear, Accessories, even Jeeps for sale on our website.

You can access the module and submit ads for approval from your member profile. It is quite simple to do.
What is the benefit of this feature?
The advert will remain visible until sold unlike social media ads that dissapear from view quickly
You are targeting club members that may be looking for that special item you have.
Not everyone spends a lot of time on social media.
Each advert is free to current club members.
Adverts are viewable by the public on our website
Ads will also be available from non- members for a $50 fee payable at time of submission. (we get lots of requests from people wanting to sell Jeeps to members)
Ads will intialy be on display for 45 days when you will be asked to renew advert or it will be taken down.
To view ads go to the About TAB on the website
Need help with an ad submission contact