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Snatch Recovery Procedure


The most important objective to keep in focus is safety of people and safety of vehicles and the process I am about to cover is considered best practice by the club and should always be followed.

The Trip Leader in charge of the recovery zone and of the method used. If there is any doubt about the safe recovery of a vehicle we recommend that a winch recovery be used rather than a dangerous snatch. You have more control and can take things slower minimising vehicle damage or injury to drivers.

It is also important to understand why the vehicle is stuck or not gaining traction as another method such as using a spade to modify the track or use of traction treads such as Max Trax may get the car mobile more easily. Remember getting stuck is part of the 4WD experience but it is important  that correct recovery process must be followed

This is the process we teach at Basic Driver Training and Trip Leader Training and the club expects all Trip Leaders and members to follow this process.

  • Advise Trip Leader of issue and stay in communication
  • Check Safety of vehicle and secure if any danger
  • Wait for the Trip leader to advice as to who is in charge
  • Decision on Recovery Method and understanding of why vehicle is stuck
  • Set up and check recovery gear for damage
  • Leave S loop in strap close to pulling vehicle
  • Always use a dampener to reduce energy if there is a breakage
  • Check communications between drivers
  • Check Gears and readiness
  • Driver of stuck vehicle gives commands to stop and go
  • Check no people in safety zone
  • When strap is connected at both ends, zone is live
  • Do not step over live strap
  • When ready command given to go with 3.2.1.GO!
  • When traction obtained and safe to stop command given to STOP. STOP. STOP.
  • Stop vehicle at same time to avoid driving over strap.

Ian Fletcher

Driver Training and Safety Officer

Melbourne Jeep Owners Club