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2017 Muster Trips

04 Mar Trip Report | Comments Off on 2017 Muster Trips

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll be aware that our 20th Anniversary Muster is coming up next month, and preparations are well underway. The main muster trip is live on the bookings site, as is the Try Booking page for booking onto the celebratory dinner on Saturday Night (book on now if you haven’t already).

This year we’re doing something a little different for handling the bookings for the muster trips, however. As you’ve probably noticed we already have a number of the muster trips up on the site, so you can see the variety of trips that will be available each day and start making plans for which trips you’d like to get on to. You may also have noticed that all the muster trips have a convoy size of 1, meaning that all the trips appear to be full as soon as the trip leader has signed themselves on.

So, what’s going on? Here’s the deal.

For the muster weekend, lots of us will be camping out at the Black Spur Inn and spending the entire weekend more or less out of internet coverage. Now our fancy schmancy booking system is pretty functional these days, but it does tend to struggle once the 4g runs out. So for muster this year, we’re moving to an ultra hi-tech solution pioneered by the Russian Space Agency during their first manned space missions…

We’re using butchers paper.

So don’t bother trying to sign up to the individual Muster Trips on the booking website (though please DO book on to the main Muster Trip and book on for dinner through Try Booking). Here’s how it is going to work:

  1. The night before or morning of each trip, bookings will open up for that trip on a great big piece of butchers paper at Muster Central (Black Spur Inn).
  2. If you want to book on, you grab a pen or a sharpie and write your name down on the butchers paper.
  3. If you want to book on but you’re not getting to Muster Central until the morning of the trip (so anyone planning on turning up for a day trip, for example), get a friend who is going to already be there to write your name down for you. 
  4. If you’re new to the club and you’re not sure who to ask, email about a week before Muster and let Ronald know which trips you want to book on.

What happens if too many names sign up for a trip?

We will be running multiple trips each day, so there should be something for everyone. If a trip gets oversubscribed, Rob & Ronald will rustle up another Trip Leader and split the group into separate convoys, separated by an hour or so.

What do I need to bring?

As with all MJOC trips, you need to bring:

  • a UHF Radio (if you don’t already have one, a 5 watt 80 channel unit is highly recommended)
  • a Fire Extinguisher
  • a First Aid Kit

The trip notes will include any other requirements, but a good idea would be to bring your recovery gear (2 rated shackles, a snatch strap and a dampener as the absolute minimum) and lunch, drinks and snacks for everyone in your vehicle. A tyre deflator and air compressor should really be part of your standard kit that you bring along to every trip, so throw them in while you’re at it.

What happens if I’ve put my name down for a trip but I change my mind?

Get a sharpie. Cross out your name.

I’m planning on coming up for the day, how will I know what trip I am on?

You need to get to Muster Central allowing plenty of time before the trip is scheduled to depart. Plan to get there nice and early and you’ll have plenty of time to find out the details of the trip you’re on and where / when you need to be in time for it to head off.

I’m coming up just for the day, what do I do if I’m running late?

Muster this year is going to be HUGE with lots of trips kicking off all around a similar time, Jeeps as far as the eye can see, etc. Best thing will be to plan to get there early, and then enjoy some time relaxing with your fellow club members and enjoying a cup of coffee before everything kicks off. There is a huge amount of preparation and organisation going in to making this the biggest muster ever, so it would be great if everyone can play their part and get where they need to be early.

Unfortunately sometimes things don’t go as planned, and through no fault of your own you will be running late. Usually, it’s a Jeep Thing. If this is you, then call Operations and let us know that you’ve been delayed and when you estimate you will arrive.


That’s about all folks, you know everything you need to about how we’re going to manage the trips at Muster this year. All you need to do now is make sure your Jeep is in tip top shape to go out and get dirty, and have a sensational time doing it!