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22 May Trip Report | Comments Off on Burgoynes to O’tooles to Flat Track, Victorian High Country

Burgoynes to O’tooles to Flat Track, Victorian High Country

Celebrating Tim Bramstedt birthday in style with Glen TunnyDenise Tunny and myself, we tackled the toughest tracks I have ever done myself. Turning onto Burgoynes track heading down to Mcalister’s river at the gorge was a rocky steep downhill, no dramas but going up the other side, well it was rock step after rock step with a topping of wet clay. Vic High Country is know for its steep hills, and not short ones either. So Sooty (the name I have given to my Grand Cherokee) really surprised me with his capabilities with the front sway bar disconnected, the extra articulation helped traction significantly. Sadly this was not enough, as Sooty and I battled to get up the hill. After getting great exercise track building but not much ground, I resorted to Glen’s help, snatching me up the hill. Everyone else seemed to get up pretty easily, I guess bigger wheels and lockers really do help.
Glen took us on the longest 1km trip to get to our lunch spot but it was worth it. From Otooles campground we headed up Flat track, where we were greeted with a choice: left or right. Glen chose the left and I followed soon realising it got really rutted. Sooty was doing great but I didn’t want to risk any damage after getting stuck on the hill earlier, so I carefully backed up and took the right lane, which still was challenging. Glen dominated that part of the track though, with a good drive up to the water bar where I was waiting, passing me and heading up the hill to the next challenge. Now I thought this track was called Flat Track, nothing about it was flat. It was exhausting. The rain had made the ground moist and a little muddy on top of slippery rocks. I helped out running the winch for the boys as they clawed their way up the hill. I decided to turn around and go another way and meet them up the top, it was getting late and I have no winch. Before I could turn around I had to wait for Denise to have a go, and I must say, it was worth watching. Giving it some noise, Denise conquers the flat track hill in one go! I hear a cheer over the radio and laugh as Denise had just said to me she wanted to show the boys up and do it without winching. It was some great driving there, well done Denise!
It was getting late and we hadn’t made it to the other tracks we had planned, yet we had heaps of fun so far and was presented with another challenge. Left hand track (once again) was the difficult choice, with a huge rock step. I opted for the other track and Glen joined me, not without having a red hot go. I think Glens short wheel base worked against him this time but Tim nailed it after a failed attempt without lockers (I think he was showing off, LOL). With lockers on Tim was up followed by Denise again with such grace making the track look so easy. Once up the top we decided to make out way home as the sun was almost down and I had another birthday to go to.
We aired up at Thompson Dam and I connected my sway bar, feeling that tired but happy feeling I said my fair wells and headed back on the black top with a smile from ear to ear. Thank you to great friends and great track in such a beautiful part of the world, I am ever so grateful. Cheers to Glen and Denise for organising the trip and lunch and a big happy birthday to a good bloke, Tim.

By Scott Johnson


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