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18 Jun Trip Report | Comments Off on Bush Baby Adventure– Take 3

Bush Baby Adventure– Take 3

9th June – 11th June 2018

Like most MJOC trips the excitement always starts the night before.  I couldn’t sleep too well but that may have had something to do with buying the swag we were sleeping in the night before.  Typical of Jake and I to do something like that however.

Saturday morning, we kissed Charli goodbye, she was about to have her own adventure staying at Jakes folks for the long weekend, packed the last of the food and headed off.  Picking up Zoe on the way we all met up at McDonalds in Moe rather drama free, with a slight delay from Paulie.  

Our first track for the morning was Beardmores at the bottom of the Thompson Dam wall.  A great track to start any trip off in the Walhalla/Aberfeldy area.  It has a nice clearing at the beginning for an air down opportunity and starts off with a bang of a creek crossing.  Mainly climbing and crawling across the mountain ridge towards the end of the track is a nice little bog hole that David had a crack at, and decided to winch himself out of.  We took the chicken track to the right however a new chicken track to the left had been created since our last visit.


From there we headed down Walhalla Road and onto Trig track.  The top half of Trig track is good fun with some steep descents.  We talked about the 12 switchbacks on the other side and joked about how we had heard how annoying they can be.  Unaware they were to be our next challenge.  There is a lovely little camp site down the bottom of Trig Track that I was quite surprised to see was not too busy.





I was a little slack in taking track notes to be honest.  Jake has played tail end Charli on so many trips that we tend to just follow the crowd.  I started taking some pics of the sat nav in the Jeep to help me remember.

Phil’s trips tend to have a great variety of tracks and scenery and this one was no different.  A solid C grade trip with some great challenges. 

We pulled into a campsite at Huggett’s Crossing right on time.  A few other campers were in the area but being such a large site, we still had our privacy.  Though apparently David Chudasko spotted a large white Bunyip in the area, squatting behind a tree.



The slightest of drizzles didn’t dampen our mood as the fire got roaring quickly.  Meals cooked either by fire or camp stove or Buddy ovens were consumed along with a few well-deserved drinks.  I was keen to try out the new swag so hit the sack at a reasonable hour.

The next day was rather uneventful from a photography perspective as I had rolled up the swag in the morning with my phone in it.  In came Zoe to the rescue who has a great photo taking talent!

A few more tracks were driven, which I still haven’t located names for.  At this stage not one track didn’t have some sort of thrill about it.  Phil’s timing was spot on as he reached his lunch spot areas and trip ends just when he expected. 

Not too many failures or breakdowns occurred.  We suffered a minor electrical problem, not getting power down to the back battery, drinks were not cooling down and the buddy oven wasn’t working.  Something we will have to investigate this week while back at work but with everyone offering cool packs, room in eskies and ovens we continued in great spirits

Unfortunately, Ross lost a good chunk of his clutch-ability just before lunch on the Sunday on Burgoyne’s track.  With David strapped to his front and us strapped to his back we managed to get him up and down the last few hills and down to the main road. A nice stop off at Licola on Sunday gave us the chance for a refuel, ice creams and a flushable toilet with a rather lengthy queue.



We had gorgeous weather most of the weekend with plenty of opportunities for photo stops.  Sunday night’s camp spot was another well sized area completely vacant with a few fallen logs around to start up another great campfire.  Hearty meals and a few beats along with Rodney and Julian who had joined us, unfortunately their trip leader Andre had a breakdown earlier in the weekend and couldn’t join us.  Between the two trip leaders some great instructions were given as we all ended up at the correct spot.

On Monday Phil took us down some “TJ” tracks, the kind of scratchy tracks that attract a few pin stripes on a JK, but it was awesome to be travelling down paths that not many have travelled in this great country of ours.


I had an absolute ball this weekend.  A great variety of tracks and adventures, great people and fantastic trip leaders.  I highly recommend this trip to all members and I’m sure it will be our yearly go to on Queens birthday weekend.  Family friendly and just the right amount of days to be able to head away without a trailer.  We left the trip an hour early to try and get home to Charli before bed time, heading down to Briagolong to air up.  Seems we missed a beautiful photo spot so don’t do what we did.  Next year Charli is coming!!!

By Tamara Thompson.