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Keppels Hut Maintenance – 3rd Nov 2016

06 Nov Trip Report | Comments Off on Keppels Hut Maintenance – 3rd Nov 2016
Keppels Hut Maintenance – 3rd Nov 2016

Keppels Hut Maintenance 3rd Nov 2016


Over the last 3 years – MJOC has been maintaining Keppel’s Hut Marysville – we have been doing 6 to 12 month visits to, cut grass, fill the wood bin, lime the toilet and clean and stock the hut itself. In the last 6 months the club has initiated a subcommittee to care for this hut and 2 others. So now we manage Keppel’s hut, 15 Mile Hut and Ryan’s Spur Hut. These are all in the Marysville hut zone and the only ones left due to others being destroyed by vandals or fire.

The Trip

October 28th the track to Keppels hut reopened, our sub committee wanted to get up their asap and check it out. So a trip was posted for Thursday 3rd November to check the hut out. Volunteers included:

Robert Sharp, Kathryn Marmara- Stewart, Andre Storti, David Robinson and John Metcalfe

We meet at Buxton shell with tools and trailers etc and headed up to Keppels hut

After getting to the Hut at approx. 10.00 the team split up into group by the end of the day we had

Cleaned out the inside fire pit and outside fire pit




Cleaned out hut inside


Attached new signage inside the hut


Cleared the tree blocking access to water source- including burning wires on Andre’s Winch


Cut fire wood – including loading a trailer load full

6 7

Blocked front exit


Wiper sniped all the grass and remade the path ruined by cars having access into the hut

Enjoyed a BBQ lunch and lots more community spirit and laughter.

Keppels hut is now ready for 4wders, horse riders, hikers, mountain bikers and our community to use again. Big thanks to Shez Telford from Victorian High Country Huts Association for her support of the club. So MJOC members please use the hut and go and camp and enjoy the high country just 2 hours from Melbourne, don’t forget to drop in for a Cuppa with John Metcalfe in Buxton.

Big thank to the team who got stuck in and achieved so much. Kat will report all our time and money spent to 4WD Victoria so they can use the data to recognise volunteer time spent keep our history alive for everyone to use

Rob Sharp

MJOC Huts team

Some other photos to enjoy of the team hard at work

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