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Lazy Dissa Explorer

24 Dec Trip Report | Comments Off on Lazy Dissa Explorer
Lazy Dissa Explorer

Lazy Dissa Explorer – Trip Report 11-12-2016

Trip Leader: Ross Daws; Report: Andrew Lucke

At 9am on a fine and clear Sunday morning we all met up at IGA Wandong where our intrepid trip leader Ross was waiting. Kemps bakery was the place to forage for food and coffee in order to revive spirits from the drive to the meet point on blacktop. Tyres were aired down, a trip briefing followed and by 9.30am we were formed up in convoy two KL and one XJ Cherokee’s; two Wrangler JK’s and one JKU, two WH and two WK2 Grand Cherokee’s making up the group. We headed out of town and started the trip on Dry Creek Rd and S-Mountain Rd, with such good weather we had company early on the tracks with trail bikes out and about in the area but once we got further into the forest we left the trail bikes behind for the day. We headed east across the state forest on Raynors Rd and Boundary Rd. We paused briefly at Andersons Garden picnic ground but decided to press on – the tracks were dry and the dust was soon so thick in the air that a call came across the radio for rear fog lights to be on if available! The tracks were in pretty decent shape although a little over grown in parts. Areas of forest that were burnt out years ago have regrown with very dense undergrowth and are likely to be a serious fire hazard during any extended hot or dry period. We continued south on Main Mountain Rd south until we turned onto Westcott Creek Rd and headed northwest till we neared Sunday Creek Reservoir. At this point we turned and climbed a steep Escreets Rd that followed the ridge line up and past forestry cleared areas. We continued on the Lords and Bruces Creek Rd till we came to Disappointment Rd where we stopped at Blairs hut picnic ground for a short break and morning coffee. Although the hut is missing due to fires, the grounds are well maintained with tables, chairs, BBQ fire places and toilets. After stretching the legs and topping up on caffeine we got underway continuing past Mt Disappointment onto Board Rd meandering our way up north and east again traveling along Engine Camp and Upper Sunday Rd. We continued north on Morrisons Creek Rd travelling through the state forest up Allisons Rd to our lunch stop at Number One Camp. Here we had a quiet lunch with time to cook sausages and catch up on the group’s latest Jeep modifications and the pros & cons of the different Jeep models represented on the trip.

Picture 1. Snorkel cam view of Number One Camp picnic grounds.

Picture 2. Jeeps parked up at Number One Camp picnic grounds.


After lunch we set out on Flowerdale Rd before making our way on to tracks like Turners, Strath Crossing and Film tracks for a bit more adventure. We were now close to Falls Road and took this short detour to visit Strath Creeks Falls. The short walk down to Strath Creek Falls was a great chance to take photos of the falls, wild spring flowers and surrounding country. Of course the short but steep walk back to the vehicles at the warmest part of the day meant it was a hot and sweaty start to the final leg of our trip.

Picture 3. Sign at Strath Creek Falls and confirmation of GPS coordinates.

Picture 4. Wild flowers and the Strath Creek Falls.


Sightseeing over we headed back north on Murchison’s Rd till we reached Sailor Jack Track where we followed Trip Leader Ross to his favourite look out point (lets call it Sailor Jack lookout) and stopped to admire the view. It was also a chance to have a good look at the damage done to Brad’s WH Grand Cherokee from a previous trip when a tree branch had speared completely through the front bonnet.

Picture 5. KL Cherokee’s of Ross and Kat keeping the rest of us in line at Sailor Jack lookout point.

Picture 6. Admiring the battle scars on the bonnet of Brad’s WH Grand Cherokee.


We got back underway again and found that Ross had kept the best bits till the end with a steep scrabble down Sailor Jack Track to Wild Dog Track. Keeping space between the vehicles it was interesting to see how well modern hill descent control works (especially on the KLs and WK2s) to keep everything moving smoothly down steep sections. Naturally we then needed to get ourselves back up an equally steep and fun section of Wild Dog Track to get back onto Murchison’s Rd which we followed out of the state forest to finish the day at Murchison’s Gap Lookout. The last couple of tracks were a great way to finish the day and the views at the lookout were inspiring. As people finished airing back up we all said our goodbyes, looking forward to Ross’s next trip in Mount Disappointment State Forest.

Picture 7. Murchison’s Gap Lookout.

Picture 8. Airing up at Murchison’s Gap Lookout before heading home.