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Toolangi rocks and Mud trip – 15/10/2016

23 Oct Trip Report | Comments Off on Toolangi rocks and Mud trip – 15/10/2016
Toolangi rocks and Mud trip – 15/10/2016

Toolangi rocks and Mud trip – 15/10/2016

Written by Justine Valintine

The trip meeting point was at a McKenzie Reserve in Yarra Glen. This is a great time of day where we meet any new club members or catch up with other people that we have previously been on outings with. The 2 most important things to start a day trip is, a coffee and fuel.


The vehicles that headed out on this Toolangi trip were;

3 JKU’s

1 JK

1 WK

2 TJ’s

1 XJ,


2After all vehicles turned up on time we headed north to the air down point at the bottom of the famous Rocky track to marvel out our nice clean jeeps before the fun begun.



Rocky track lived up to its name, challenging but very doable, the bottom section was anyhow. Ross and the XJ gave the top half of rocky track a go and drove it with ease, the rest of us did not want to risk any possible body damage to our vehicles so we did the chicken track.


3 We soon headed to the top of Rocky track to Flat track and stopped for morning tea at the end of Ridge track with a view north out of the Toolangi ranges. From there we headed into the daring, Not Much Help track.


The Not Much Help track kept up to it namesake, lot of bog holes, deep ruts, trees growing on the wrong place and just about every obstacle daring to hold up our convoy.




4The WK Grand Cherokee proved its not just a Toorak tractor, Lyle did a great job pushing it to the limits through the Not Much Help track. The adjustable air suspension worked wonders but it did suffer of being that bit longer and larger than the JK causing it get stuck a few times requiring it be winched out of certain positions.


Trip leader Michael managed the recoveries, in the end we came out with no damage to any vehicles because it was pretty challenging for a few.


Some of the bog holes were so deep they would of swallowed the vehicles if we had entered them, luckily we had the Trip leader and his trusty stick he hung onto from the recce to test out the depth of all potential obstacles.


6 We were lucky on one occasion where the Grand Cherokee had muddy water lapping up to the sides of the door but luckily none entered the car.


Ross and the XJ attempted one of the holes but failed.


We stopped for lunch Reminiscing about the fun we had on the last track.


We headed down Chevys track, the northern half of aeroplane track and around to the Giant Kalatha tree and walk.


7After a fantastic day we left the forest to air up at the Toolangi pub. We arrived at the pub to be told due to the storms the previous week they have no electricity so that meant no cold beer. This was Devastating news after a hard but fun trip through the Toolangi Forest.


An interesting note to take out of the trip was that in the month between the recce and the main trip it was amazing how much the tracks had worsened due to all of the rains and the other vehicles driving them.