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12 Sep Trip Report | Comments Off on Trip Report: Annual clean-up of 15-Mile Hut – Eildon State Forest – 21st July 2019

Trip Report: Annual clean-up of 15-Mile Hut – Eildon State Forest – 21st July 2019

Trip Report: Annual clean-up of 15-Mile Hut – Eildon State Forest – 21st July 2019

For the Last 10 years MJOC have had a small committee who has arranged looking after huts in the Marysville Area.  These huts include,


Tracks needing clearing under heavy snow.

Keppel’s hut, Ryan’s spur hut and 15-mile hut, in conjunction with the HMO from Victorian High-Country huts and assistance from the land owners (DWELP and Parks Vic). MJOC complete several activities each year including: interior cleaning up, restocking wood piles, mowing and brush cutting, general maintenance and rebuilding where necessary.

On the 13th July a small advance party including 2 members of MJOC huts group and HMO from VHCHA braved the nasty weather and headed to 15-mile hut via Rubicon state forest. We found several trees down and large amount of snow. So thoroughly enjoyed the day of track clearing and snow driving. The hut was found to be in reasonable condition with a large mural painting in modern art on the back wall being the only thing that really couldn’t be fixed the following weekend.

On the 20th July the following weekend 4 members of MJOC and 2 members of the newly formed Everest club camped at 15-mile Hut, enjoying the night and allow us the have a much-needed fire going upon arrival of the rest of the group. The other 10 members of MJOC in 7 Jeeps came up from Buxton via woods point road, Eildon Warburton road to 15-mile hut.


MJOC Huts team enjoying the heavy snow on way to 15 Mile Hut.

This group didn’t get to the hut till after 10am due to having to clear an accident on the road near Lake Mountain turn off. We needed all our winch skills to clear the road and assist the cars that had some bad front-end damage due to hitting a tree on a slippery mountain bend.

After we arrived at clear cool sky’s and the team got to work on cleaning up 15-mile Hut. We split into 3 groups and by the end of the day we had achieved an enormous amount. The activities completed included, digging 4 post holes and re concreting them around the picnic area, brush cutting all the grass, clearing all the bog holes on the tracks and around the hut, clearing the drains, cleaning up inside the hut, clearing the roof of leaf litter, filling the wood bin and clearing the paths at the back of the hut.

 As per all Hut days we all enjoyed time around the fire, a hearty morning tea and cooked lunch whilst chatting over all things Huts, Jeeps and Camping. We hope that 4wders and other bush users enjoy 15-mile hut and understand that a lot of love and care is given by MJOC, VHCHA and its members in building and maintaining the huts in the Marysville area.


Thank you to all those who attending the working bee this included 4 people and 3 cars on the recce weekend and 14 people and 10 cars on the working weekend. Its amazing how much a small group can achieve.

If anyone is interested in Caring for the Huts you can contact either:

MJOC Membership by visiting our join page or email  to assist in annual maintenance and rebuilding activities of the Marysville huts or visit the VHCHA for all High-country huts for all other hut inquiries

MJOC Huts Coordinator
Rob Sharp