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Wheeling Walhalla Trip

17 Dec Trip Report | Comments Off on Wheeling Walhalla Trip
Wheeling Walhalla Trip

Wheeling Walhalla Trip – 4/12/16

By Glen and Denise Tunny

We met up at the railway station car park near the entrance to the Walhalla Township. It was a very pleasant day, around 25 degrees with a clear sky, a perfect day for wheeling. Andre our Trip leader had briefed our convoy which consisted of 7 vehicles, with mostly JK’s and TJs. There was also a Grand and a KK Cherokee. Phil in his TJ “Bush Baby” was Tail End Charlie.  

  1. The meeting point in Walhalla.


The trip took us through the township, which was untypically very quiet for a summer weekend. About 5kms North of Walhalla we left the Walhalla road and headed down Maiden Town Track. After a short run we turned onto Deep Creek No 1 which has steep descents with a few switch backs. This track was very scenic with good views across the valleys ahead. The track eventually levels out and lands into Scatabit creek where you drive along through the creek bed for several hundred metres. This would have to be one of the most beautiful tracks I have ever travelled on. The creek bed is very rocky with a few fun steps to climb; the vegetation is very lush and flows over the high edges of the creek. At the end of the creek, the track climbs up and out over a ledge, then up a very steep hill. Andre led the convoy up the hill, one by one. Paul in his Cherokee KK, who was second in the convoy, had lost traction on the hill. Andre then led a winch recovery for the KK. After winching a few metres someone noticed that the front wheels were not spinning and only the rear were. Paul had not noticed that a rock he hit earlier had knocked his car out of 4wd and back into 2wd. With his car back in 4wd he was able to easily drive up the hill.

  1. The KK Recovery.


A group of dirt bikes which had caught up with the convoy had stopped half way up the hill behind the recovery. With the loss of Momentum they had a lot of trouble getting back up the hill. Phil gave some of the bikers a lending hand to get started up the hill; he unfortunately copped a big spray of rocks and dirt from the Motor bike.

  1. Phil leading what might be the first MJOC Motor Bike recovery.

  1. My 2 door on the Deep Creek No 1 hill. The track was dry but a lot of loose rock.


Deep Creek No 1 track then goes through a four way intersection where we continued onto Deep Creek No 4 track. This also had a very steep downhill section with a few steps, a great track to drive. The track again runs through another creek crossing where the convoy paused for a few minutes as this was a great photo opportunity – see below.

  1. We all stop in Deep Creek (not actually that deep here) for a photo.

  1. Between Deep Creek 1 and 4 tracks we paused for a short break.


After the Deep Creek tracks, Andre briefly led the convoy back out onto the main road and then within a short time we were back into Low Range for Army Track. This is a tight winding track with a lot of switchback corners. We had some fun seeing who could complete the course without doing any 3 point turns. Needless to say the short wheel based Wranglers won, especially the TJ’s.

At the Fulton’s Creek Crossing, we had two options; the easier way was on the left and a steep section on the right. I went down the steep section, and then parked on the other side watching the rest of the convoy tackle the obstacle. This was one of those moments where you sit back and admire the capabilities of the Jeeps.

We continue in the north and westerly directions on Williamson Spur track, South Track then onto Donnelly Creek Track. We pass an old mine (see picture below), Jorgenson’s Hut and then we stop at Store point for a break.

  1. Historical mine in Toombon / Donnelly Creek area.

After our lunch at the Aberfeldy / Donnelly Creek junction, we head east along Donnelly’s Creek track and then turn into White Star Track which is a long run full of steep descents and then long hill climbs. We then turn into Toomstar track where the scenery changes, to a track that traverses along the cliff edge with tall gums. McGuire’s track, the final track, zig zags into Springs road where we finish atop Mount Useful to take in the sights. You can see Lake Glenmaggie and the Latrobe Valley clearly from this high point.

After a short stop at Mount Useful, we head back to Walhalla along Springs road, where we conclude the trip at our camp ground the Chinese Gardens, where we can settle by our campfire and relax for a moment.

Overall an incredible and well organised trip by Andre, we had a fantastic day and enjoyed every moment. In particular, I had not been down the Deep Creek tracks before and enjoyed these tracks a lot; they were both scenic and fun to drive.

  1. Mt Useful.

  1. Our camping spot at the Chinese Gardens, Walhalla.

  1. Sunrise at the Chinese Gardens, Walhalla.



Thank you to Andre for the Photos.