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Ian Fletcher | Published on 6/22/2021

Help the hills event 


Mjoc community making a difference


We need MJOC volunteers to help this Sunday  27th June


8am at Emerald Netball Centre


We need chainsaws with PPTE  gear 

Bring gloves good boots 


Shovels, rakes, spades, brush cutters any gear for clearing brush 


Byo food and water 


If we get more than 10 people and 3 chainsaw operators we will be given our own project 


End time 3.30 pm


Let’s help the Dandenongs recover from this storm  from earlier in June 

And allow emergency services to give power to all residents


See you all there with high Vis MJOC gear on.  Book on events page


If you want to go Saturday as individuals please do so meeting time 8am