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Jeep Jamboree Victoria

The Melbourne Jeep Owners Club has organised 2 National Jeep Jamboree's in Victoria in 2004 and 2010.

What is a Jeep Jamboree?

The history of the Jeep Jamboree goes back to the early 1950’s  when a group of enthusiastic owners of ex-World War II military Jeep vehicles decided to drive an old Indian track across the Sierra Nevada Mountains in Northern California. That track was the Rubicon Trail, one of the toughest 4WD routes anywhere in the world. The famous Rubicon Jeep Jamboree has been held every year since and has spawned a number of other Jamborees across America and around the world.

In 1953 Mark A. Smith and a small group of Rotarians and friends figured out a way to boost the economy of Georgetown, California: stage an annual Jeep vehicle trek across the Sierra Nevada Mountains by way of the old Rubicon Trail. The first Jeep Jamboree saw 155 people take on the Rubicon Trail. And in 1954, Willys Motors ñ then manufacturer of Jeep vehicles ñ became involved with the adventure.

It is a family-oriented four-wheel-drive event that’s probably unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. Jeep Jamborees are designed for all levels of expertise, from raw beginners to seasoned veterans, so they are fun for everyone. Jamborees are also designed for the stock Jeep as well as the hard core machines.

The Jamboree is all about the Jeep Thing! That special thing that others wouldn't understand.

Meeting fellow Jeep owners from across Australia and beyond. Chatting, talking, sleeping, drinking, eating, crawling under and over 'em, and even driving - Jeeps.


MJOC are possibly planning another Jeep Jamboree in the next year or so. So keep an eye out for future announcments


National Jeep Jamboree Victoria 2004

In 2004 MJOC ran a very successfull National Jeep Jamboree with Jeepers coming from all over Australia. From Broome in WA to Tasmania we had Jeeps coming from everywhere. All Jeep Clubs around Aiustralia were invited and we ended up wiyth over 500 people and 300 Jeeps. The Military Jeeps came along as well.
The event was based at Valley Farm at Narbethong which is a property that was used for FWDV training at the time and was managed by the Cross Counrty Jeep Club.
We ran a larger variety of trips around the Toolangi, Narbethong, Marysville and beyond and catered for all ratings of trips.😂 
The highlight was the Show and Shine that was held at Gallopoli Park in Marysville and the massively long convoy of Jeeps from Valley Farm at Narbethong down the highway to Buxton and then across the backroad to Marysville. Jeeps were still leaving valley farm as they were being lined up around the oval at Gallipoli Park at Marysville.

National Jeep Jamboree Victoria 2010

In 2010 MJOC held the largest Jeep event ever held in Australia at the time. The Jamboree was held at Lardner Park near Warrigul in Victoria and saw 66 trips run, 963 people, 347 Jeeps and 33 supporting companies attend. 

Once again they came from around Australia and from overseas with visitors from Jeep New Zealand and Jeep South Korea as well as a large media contingent. The events major sponsor was Jeep Australia who used the event to show the WK2 Grand Cherokee to Jeep enthusiasts many months before release. They especially imported some left hand drive models especially for the event.
Trips were run around Gippsland and many onsite events were also held including the Flex Ramp completion, Jeep 101 training for newbies, Sponsors stalls, Food trucks, renmote control Jeep track, the Jeep test track, and a massive Show and Shine event. We had over $25,000 worth of prizes in the Show'n'Shine and raffle too.
People still talk about this event today. A amassive amount of work went into organising this event from club members.

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