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Trained Trip Leaders

Most of our 4WD trips are run by Trained Trip Leaders.

Except for Easy rated trips and social events All our serious 4WD trips are run by experienced members who have completed our Advanced Training and Trip Leader Training Courses. This means you can be confident you will be safe, and wont get left behind in the bush.

Our club is not like many Social Media groups that do not require any training for leaders or drivers. Who knows what might happen on their trips?

The club runs a wide range of trips, which are managed by trained trip leaders and are rated to suit the driver and vehicles capabilities and to suit different types of tracks and terrain.

To attend club trips and participate as a driver, all drivers must have completed the MJOC Basic Driver Training Course or a similar * approved course elsewhere. (*documented proof required). 

Find out more about our trips and training on our webpages.


Rated 4WD Club Trips

Members Trip Information

To attend 4WD trip we ensure our members have a minimum level of driving skills and training to ensure everyone stays safe while on an MJOC Trip. Members attend a free MJOC Basic Driver Training course which is based on the Four Wheel Drive Victoria Profficiency Course with additional Jeep and MJOC content. Our experienced trainers will guide you through the Jeep technology and 4WD systems and various driving skills to get you ready for your MJOC trips.

Once members have completed the Driver Training requirements you can book on 4WD trips.

If you have not yet completed your training you can still participate on an Easy rated trip as no training is required for these.

To ensure you understand the trip ratings there is a link on this page to the Trip Ratings Guide which will assist you in undersstanding the type of trip that suits your experience and vehicle set up.


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For more information on MJOC 4WD Trips visit this page Visit Page

Free Driver Training

MJOC Driver Training Program

We provide ongoing free training to our members.

Our training program includes

  1. Basic Driver Training
  2. Advanced Driver Training and Winching
  3. Trip Leader Training
  4. Discounts on Nationaly Accredited Driver and Chainsaw courses through Four Wheel Drive Victoria

Checkout more information on the Training Page Driver Training

Member Volunteer Stewardship

Stewardship - Giving Back to our Community and Recreation

MJOC Volunteer Projects

Our club has been involved ion many volunteer activities since the very early years of the club. We have been involved in bushfire relief with Blaze Aid and many track clearing and bush clean ups activities supporting Four Wheel Drive Victoria and Government Land managers such as Parks Victoria and DELWP. 

Activities have included - 

  • Emergency relief for farmers delivering water and supplies
  • Fence rebuilding with Blaze Aid
  • Community assistance at Narbieview Wildlife Shelter
  • Track Clearing
  • Bush Clean Ups
  • Fire damage rubbish cleanup and community work
  • Many other bushfire relief activities.

We continue to do volunteer work in rural communities. Please contact us if you are aware of any activities we could be involved with.

Join MJOC to get involved in our Volunteer Projects Join Here Join MJOC

Public Liability Insurance

All members are covered by the clubs public liability insurance

Check out the details

MJOC Club Insurance

We acknowledge and respect Victorian Traditional Owners as the original custodians of Victoria’s land and waters, their unique ability to care for Country and deep spiritual connection to it. We honour Elders past, present and emerging, whose knowledge and wisdom has ensured the continuation of culture and traditional practices.