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21 Jan Article | Comments Off on Product Review – Galaxy Note 3 Phablet

Product Review – Galaxy Note 3 Phablet

Product Review – Galaxy Note 3 Phablet

By Ken Dunnachie

I am very happy with the Note 3. Looks like it will do everything I wanted plus heaps of other stuff which I haven’t even thought of and snappy as.
The larger size as a phone is a non issue with the bonus of actually being able to read who is calling and read messages as well.
The HD AMOLED display is simply brilliant (pun intended). I can now see it when mounted in the Jeep with the roof off in direct sunlight – YES!!!!
I could not see the old one all the way across the Simpson not that I could have got lost lol.
It is running Ozi Explorer without a glitch with the benefit of being able to switch over to Google Maps whenever, receive a call via Bluetooth, access the Net, take brilliant photos and HD videos etc. Mounting the phone as I have means it is actually nearly as big as a 10″ tablet.
It comes with 32 GB memory plus can add a 64 GB micro SD card (I have a 32 GB).
I was after one device which I could use as a phone and a largish GPS and which I could put in my pocket when the Jeep was unattended with the roof off and this is it!