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MJOC Muster 2023

Melbourne Cup Weekend 2023

Caringal Scout Camp - Erica Victoria

The Latest News

Hi Everyone,
Things are hotting up with the Muster only 16 days away.
We have a few updates for you and there will be more updates in the coming days so watch your emails and the website.

Have YOU Registered Yet?

Make sure you register for the Muster soon. You need to register even if coming up for a day trip.

Arrival Times
All members can arrive on Saturday morning from 8am onwards, if you would like to volunteer to help with setup on the Friday, please email Peter at
We are running trips from 9am to around noon, you will be able to sign up for the Trips at Muster HQ daily.

Trip Bookings

Trip bookings will be made on site at Muster Head Quarters (HQ) at the venue.
Trip information such as Trip Leader, Destination and Ratings will be available from the Muster HQ and you will need to visit Muster HQ and manualy register for each trip.
This allows more flexibility and allows for changing of bookings.
We have more than 16 Trip Leaders ready to run trips at the muster so there will be no shortage of trips.
Trips will rated as Easy, Medium, Difficult and Very Difficult.

Day Trippers
Members wishing to just come up for the day are welcome but you will need to register on the website for the event activity where you will see a Day Visit for each particular day. This helps us with logging al attendees on each day. You MUST register for each day you will be attending or if staying the night you will have to pay the fee in the applicable activity for single night camping.

Registering Guests and Non Members

You can now register guests for non-members an the registration section. If you have any problems just email operations or content for assistance,
Children are not charged for but we do need to know how many are coming so please let us know ages and gender. Please email Kieran at Communications.

Show and Shine at Muster
"Jeepers Creepers" - Halloween Theme
Mud and Grime
We will be holding a Jeepers Creepers Show n Shine at the Muster on the Sunday morning at 9.00 before any trips start. We will have some great prizes for trhe winners so make sure you get your Jeep ready. 'Jeepers Creepers"
Dont stress but catergories include
Best 'Jeepers Creepers' Halloween theme
Muddiest Jeep
Cleanest Jeep
Most Extreme
Most Abused
So Gotta have it
Most unlikely to make it home And our special category for the weekend, Jeepers Creepers – where you can dress up your Jeep in its best spookiness!!! The committee will be judging this year.

MJOC's Got Talent
MJOC's Got Talent will be on Saturday night after dinner around the communal campfire or in the hall depending on weather. It is an opportunity for the musically inclined to have a sing, play the guitar, whistle, play that old recorder etc. We would love to have a karaoke machine there if someone has onewe could borrow please contact Keiran Lomas So get yourself redy with those jokes, poems, musical, dance, etc. and we will have some fun Saturday night.

Dietary Needs and Kids
Can anyone with special dietary requirements please email Nese at

Also, can you email Nese again with names and ages of all children attending the Muster!

Fuel Station
There is no fuel in Erica the closest town, the nearest fuel is in Moe, 20 minutes away. You could bring a jerry can or plan to top up in Moe after your trips

Can’t wait to see everyone at Caringal Scout Camp, near Erica for the 26th Annual MJOC muster!!

Countdown to MJOC Muster 2023
Countdown to MJOC Muster 2023


The MUSTER Merch has arrived and is available to order for a short time NOW

We have Muster Singlet, T-Shirt Long Sleeve, T-Shirt Short Sleeve, Hoodies and more,
Checjk them out in the MJOC Shop right now.


MJOC Muster 2023 Accomodation Options

Make sure you register for the Muster and check out the accomodation options

We have booked powered and unpowered camp sites, three large cabins and the Mess Hall which has a large commercial kitchen and dining room.

Trips, Trips and More Trips...

The muster will include a variety of trips to suit all vehicles and drivers.
Rated to suit everyone we will have Easy, Medium, Difficult and Very Difficult trips.
Detinations wioll include the State Forests around Erica to Bunyip areas and the High Country around Walhalla and beyond.
Make sure you register when the trips are posted.

Lets make the Muster another great MJOC event!

We need your help.

We will need members to help out with organising this event. So if you can hlp out that would be fantastic.
First up we need Trip Leaders to start running recces and planning trips in the area.
We will need members to help out with
- Setting up and arranging campsites,
- helping with the dinner and catering,
- Organising raffle prizes and Show and Shine prizes
- Organising and running the judging of the Show and Shine.
- Generally helping out with any other stuff.
If you can help out please contact your President Peter Fleming Contact President 

Typical Activities at the Muster

We usually have a number of activities at the annual MJOC muster.
These include;
Show And Shine Competition
Saturday Evening Dinner
Monster Raffle
Lucky Door Prizes
Trips, Trips and More trips.
Other activities have included;
Suspension Flex Ramp 

Make Sure You Come Back Soon for more Muster information
We acknowledge and respect Victorian Traditional Owners as the original custodians of Victoria’s land and waters, their unique ability to care for Country and deep spiritual connection to it. We honour Elders past, present and emerging, whose knowledge and wisdom has ensured the continuation of culture and traditional practices.