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Bush Baby Queens Birthday Adventure

02 Jul Trip Report | Comments Off on Bush Baby Queens Birthday Adventure

Bush Baby Adventure trip report.

Moments before leaving for this trip I made two important decisions.
The first was to borrow my wife’s yoga mat the second was stealing a doona from one of my kids beds. That second act came back to haunt me on arrival back home. I rolled the yoga mat up and strapped it in the passenger seat, this weekend it would play the roll of Yolanda, (the missus).

As ya do, we met at Moe Maccas and filled up from their new diet healthy menu, (sorry Yolanda might be reading this).
We headed off aired down and got stuck into it. Soon enough we came to our first bog hole, (‘boggle’ to Phillip), it’s been getting bigger every time I do that track.
Jen decided to christen ‘Black Widow’ by skillfully and purposely placing her front diff ever so delicately on the hump between the ruts so she could show us how to do a recovery. Thanks also to Brad and Con for helping with the lesson.

Speaking of Brad, do you notice how a ‘situation’ tends to just find this guy? Yep the next bog hole, we all decided to drive around it but Brad decided to go through. When he finally got out out there was this cool mud depth indication line around his JK.

Onwards and upwards.
Well for a bit at least as Peter Cadman’s JKU decided it was a big no from the electrical department, like seriously NOTHING, the battery was putting out about 5 volts. I hear however his missus was totally chuffed to come and pick him up once he got towed into town, (she’s a keeper).

While things went South for Peter it went North for us, like straight up North. Steep, rocky and for the life of me I couldn’t find a line. Yolanda was no help she just sat there in silence. I’m fairly certain I reduced the volume of my fuel tank on a rock before I got to the top.
I did get the hang of it, second gear 2000-2500 rpm seamed to be the sweet spot although one section was first gear crawling for a bit.

Magda promised me views and she certainly delivered, however as things got dark a slight miscalculation had us arriving at a campsite that was more a scene from ‘Apocalypse Now’ than an actual campsite. Yep we were one river crossing and one hill too early.

First nights camping and I was amazed at how much gear Lee fitted in a two door JK, It was like the TARDIS. Dude I hear Peter Capaldi is retiring, you could be the next ‘Doctor Who’ with that thing.

Morning came and so did the call of nature, yes I pooed in the woods, (so liberating). Don’t stress I had a shovel and did the right thing, although it looked like I’d buried a dead wombat.

Day two started with this awesome climb however we had to wait for a few of those four door ute things to winch themselves up first. I was quietly nervous seeing how much trouble they were having and not to be smart saying how easy Jeep’s do it but we really did do it easy.

A quick fuel up in Licola and back at it, although we were met with freshly graded tracks. I joked with Yolanda that we could do this with her Honda CRV, she said nothing.
More awesome Vic high country driving and Will in his WK2 showed us how to drive a rocky hill earning himself the name ‘Will I Can’.

We’d heard from the camp trailer dudes that every man and his fourby had descended on the campground we were heading to so we bailed on that idea and found a quiet spot 20k’s from ground zero.
On arrival I was was fully intent on shifting ballast from my fridge to my tummy, bladder and then on to this tree behind my jeep so I got stuck into that while Phill went off with a breakaway convoy searching for more ‘boggles’. Unbeknownst to the rest of this convoy Phill’s circuit was a round trip so imagine thier confusion on coming across at a campsite just like the one they’d left. (Well played Phill).
One of the highlights of this campsite was the immense amount of fire wood and did we build a fire! We got aluminium cans melting in under a minute by the end.
Raph, (Jens pup) was very quick at getting in your chair if you stood up for more than about a nano second but I must say he’s the most well behaved pup I’ve ever seen.

The South African section of MJOC, Phill, Magda, Derick and Tanya gave us an important language lesson around the camp fire but I can’t repeat it. I can’t I really can’t.

Also I noticed with no cell reception we became really dumb without google, (scary).

Morning! And does a bear shit in the woods? Well I now know that Con does. Seriously if you can just go give him a quiet pat on the back as it was his first time and we’re all a little proud of him.

Oh and remember the yoga mat?
It made a perfect insulating layer on my air mattress keeping me toasty warm all night. Do yourself a favor pop over to Clark Rubber. I think about 15mm thick is what you want.

Off we went for more of Phill’s Boggels and a track that was last driven in the previous millennium.
While I remember, two things about Ross Barstow. One, he has a pair of ugg boots, (he even briefly put them on his feet). Two, he has a microwave oven in the back of his Jeep. Like an actual microwave oven you have in your kitchen at home. He warmed my pie, I thanked him. It was a special moment.
We did this track I think it’s called ‘left hand track’ OMG so much fun! No washouts to slow you down and heaps of water crossings. A good fast high range track.

That was pretty much the end of a great weekend. Before we parted ways, Derick and Tanya’s JK got the death wobbles quite bad. Phill decided he could fix it with a ratchet strap and to my surprise it worked!
To think Derick was almost going to waist money on new ball joints.

Thank you, thank you and thank you to all who did the trip I absolutely loved it.


Bush Baby Adventure trip traks.
1) Beardmores trak
2) Fultons Creek trak
3) Glenmaggie Creek trak
4) Burgoyne trak
5) Mt Margaret trak
6) Hickeys Creek trak
7) Lower block trak
8) Avon trak
9) Mount Angus trak
10) Stans trak
11) Morgan Boundary trak
12) Moroka trak
13) Paddy Lee trak
14) Scrabby Creek trak
15) Left Hand Down trak